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Out-of-the-box Out-of-home Expertise

Connect POC is backed by over 30 years of experience in outdoor advertising. Our personalized solution for every kind of outdoor communication makes us first choice among outdoor advertising agencies in Bangalore and Cochin. While devising strategies for media reach based on robust scientific methods, we keep an eye out for creativity and innovation. Engaging and delighting customers through compelling design and impeccable execution.

You can compare pricing and locality from all hoarding advertising agencies in Bangalore and Cochin and you will get best value every time. Connect POC is a trusted name in outdoor media advertising among top brands like Cadbury, Dove, RMZ, DNR Corp, Fair & Lovely, The Address Makers and many more. Our charges are set according to locality, crowd, and hoarding size.

Today, we focus on smarter media strategies, quality design and timely, uncompromising fabrication. However, our goal is to provide you end-to-end solutions across media, from marketing ideas to space design & delivery. So you every presence leave deep impression, we will help you in every step of your advertising campaign.

We look forward to helping you build your brand for to reach out anywhere in Bangalore or Cochin.


Corporate Promotion and Brand Management

The Good Thing Is, You Don't Have To Worry About How It's Done.

Once you brief us, stating all your brand objectives, leave the worrying to us!

Does your target audience shop? Or work? Or go to school? Does it include a specific ethnic community? A tightly defined age group? An exclusive income level? How long should you run your outdoor advertising? A month? Or 1 high-visibility festive week? These are just some of the questions our research can answer for you.

We maintain large and dynamic databases that help us determine media weight based on location, market size & potential, and media price. Our planning team will then optimise both internal and external resources to ensure an efficient, integrated workflow. The Connect Innovation Cell (IC) aims at maximising visibility and impact for your brand, while complying with brand guidelines. IC chooses media vehicles by factoring in your target audience, its preferred mode of transport, and the places it is most likely to frequent.

Finally, our wide network of supervisors and associates take care of logistics, ensuring the fastest turn around times and uncompromising execution.

We look forward to helping you build your brand.


Working Area Bangalore and Kerala


Our Corporate Clients


Importance of Outdoor Advertising

You Could Try, But You Can't Ignore Outdoor!

Outdoor is a powerful medium. You can't turn it off. Or on, for that matter. You can't change the channel. Or turn the page. As a result, outdoor has become an integral part of consumers' everyday lives. Engaging and driving them into (very often) immediate action.

According to PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), the estimated size of Out-Of-Home (OOH) media spends in India were approximately Rs.15 billion in 2008. That number is projected to go up to Rs.25 billion this year - 2013.

We see tremendous potential in this bold and beautiful medium, and look forward to joining hands with you in your endeavor to make your brand the most talked about brand in town.